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MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A is a 100% Greek company. Founded in 1980, it is today one of the leading manufacturers of personal hygiene products in Europe.

MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. is not only a leader in the Greek market, but also has a strong presence in 4 Continents. MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. has built a special bond of trust with today’s consumers with a portfolio of well-known brands. A bond as special as MEGA’s unique proposal in personal hygiene: a complete range of personal hygiene products, designed for all age groups, with top quality standards and skin-friendliness, representing the ultimate priority in their design.

Behind every product, there are years of research, careful design and, above all, top quality standards for raw materials and highly strict quality control procedures. Investment in research and development is un-interrupted in MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A.. The company regularly follows the trends in consumer needs, and carefully plans the appropriate product design and technology adjustment actions. Constantly not only investing in state-of-the-art technology and quality control equipment, but also in experienced personnel, MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. encompasses today a valuable combination of modern technology and excellent know-how in its field.

MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. is a strategic partner for retailers, both in Greece and abroad, suppliers and collaborating companies, setting standards higher and higher, and always aiming at offering MORE. Excellent quality, innovative product design, exceptional skin-friendly properties and respect to the needs of the consumer represent all the mandatory elements required to make an ideal product. Firm commitment to these high standards has allowed MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. to gain increasing loyalty of consumers, un-interrupted trust of retailers in Greece and abroad for both branded products and private labels, as well as important co-operations with large multinational companies in the field of personal hygiene products, that have entrusted MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. with the production of their very own brands, under contract manufacturing.

Today, MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. is entering in new markets every year, thereby proving that its top quality standards and innovative product design have not only a Greek origin, but also an international passport. For MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A., entrepreneurship and social responsibility go hand in hand. Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of its culture and a vital part of its business. Through Corporate Social Responsibility Program’s four key pillars of Market Place, Employees, Society and Environment, MEGA DISPOSABLES S.A. has the opportunity to establish its presence as a «responsible citizen» almost on a daily basis, thus adding value to its diverse stakeholder universe.

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Our Philosophy

For MEGA Hygiene too, Corporate Responsibility is a key component of its corporate culture and a vital part of its business. We share our partners’ commitments in creating personal care products, trusted by thousands of families. Our vision is business development, innovation, and competitiveness to conform with social good, responsible business and sustainable development, always having as a “lighthouse” our values Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, which are inherent to all our partnerships..

Acts of caring for our people

We created a working environment that is fair, ensures the appropriate working conditions and can enhance, as well as develop, our people’s skills, turning them into collaborators of corporate goals.

Acts of caring for the society

By listening to the needs of today’s society, we design and implement multifaceted programs, providing substantial support, mainly through financial aid and product donations.

Acts of caring for the marketplace

We develop quality products that answer to the needs of even the most demanding consumers. We have as key priorities transparency, ethical business behavior and improvement of the industry.

Acts of caring for the environment

In the “heart” of our strategy for sustainable development is our commitment to produce our products with the least possible environmental impact.

Awards & Certifications

All our products are tested according to the quality standards and skin compatibility defined by internationally recognized Institutes, such as the Pasteur Institute, Dermscan Group, the Institute of Applied Dermatological Research Proderm and A. Syngros hospital.

Specifically, all EveryDay products (sanitary napkins & pantyliners):

  • Are dermatologically tested
  • Recommended by the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association (ENPI)

Furthermore, all Sensitive type sanitary napkins and All Cotton pantyliners (fragrance free) are certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 international certification for absence of harmful substances.

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